October Extra Income – £534.23 – Side Hustles Week 4 of 4


Hi all! Today is the last episode of our ‘Searching for Side Hustles’ series (rest assured we will still be side hustling behind the scenes!).

This week we have accrued a ‘personal record breaking’ £237.39 in side hustle income! This was achieved with a huge stroke of luck and some nifty banking skills! Here’s how we did it:

Our Side Hustles…

1. Winning a Competition! – £117.39

Two weeks ago I was browsing for some other finance savvy bloggers and came across a great competition on Budget Blonde’s blog for a Halloween giveaway. This was perfect as I was on the lookout to follow some new PF bloggers and this way I could sign up for a competition too! Yesterday, Sicorra from Tackling Our Debt got in touch to tell me some amazing news – I had come second and won $200! This made my day and has given me another huge step towards clearing my debt at the end of this month. A HUGE thanks to all of the PF bloggers that contributed to the competition for the rather pleasant surprise!

2. Switching Current Accounts – £100

We have recently been looking through various banks to find a good deal on a new current account (more on this in the next blog post). Fi has taken the first big step and made the switch to Halifax; they are currently offering £100 to anyone that switches to their account as well as a payment of £5 per month on top of this! Once, I have cleared my overdraft, I’ll be looking to do the same!

3. Amazon Sales – £20

We still have plenty of university books to sell and this week I have sold another business textbook on Amazon. After postage and Amazon fess I have made a profit of £20 on this one.

4. Fiverr – £0

Last week I listed my first copywriting gig on Fiverr, although I haven’t made a sale yet. I have been approached by a buyer to provide some content for their new website, a promising gig of which I am sure I will complete throughout this week. I am still yet to add some value to my gig: add a video and promote it, so I am hoping that I can drive some more business my way soon!

The October Extra Income Breakdown!

  • Book Sales – £235.48
  • Competitions £117.39
  • Banking – £100
  • Overtime £63.36
  • Coaching £18

Total = £534.23 in Side Hustle Income!

Spending this month searching for side hustles has been great fun. The progress we have made has been a huge surprise for us, especially as this is our first attempt at making some extra cash on the side. It has opened up a lot of options and shows that there’s always money to be made if you go out looking for it! I’ll keep track of November’s side hustles and let you know if we can beat October’s figure at the end of this month!

How have your side hustles been this month? 

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  1. Congrats Joe! Very excited that you won and are able to put the money towards paying off your debt. Good luck with your side hustles in November too 🙂


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