10 Inspiring Home Office Design

Over the past 6 months I’ve found myself spending a great deal of time working from home, however, one element that has been missing from my freelance quest during this time is a functional home office space. I’ve been thinking more about what my ideal working from home environment would look like and I think it’s time to share some of my findings.

Here are 10 of my favourite home office designs:

1. The Executive Living Room

Okay, I have a confession. I often find myself working from the sofa in the living room. Mixing work-life and home-life is a cardinal sin I know. However, what about a combined living room and office experience? If you’ve ever watched the TV Series ‘Suits’ then this is what I imagine Harvey Spectre’s living room to look like…

luxury living room office(Source: DecorBizz)

2. The Apprentice

Nothing screams power more than an enormous shiny, wooden desk partnered up with a big leather executive chair. There’s something incredibly comforting about having a great deal of desk space with nothing on it.

executive home office design(Source: Next Daily Deal)

3. Take it to the Next Level with Mezzanine Flooring

It’s time to think outside of the box, if you’ve got the ceiling space then why not add another dimension to your living space? This concept is desperately tempting. The important consideration here is to ensure you have enough light. After seeing this, I actually looked at www.warehousestoragesolutions.com to see what it would take to get an extra floor installed. One day…

mezzanine home office

(Source: Brink Rad)

 4. The Midnight Oil

Remember my confession about working from my sofa? Well here’s another, I often prep for the next day from the comfort of the bed. This layout would be an awesome place to tidy up some meeting prep for the next day

Luxury Bedroom office design(Source: Home Design Bee)

 5. Designed for Two

This beauty has the usability of a kitchen with extra room for your partner or spouse. A great use of space to create a more inviting home office environment where it’s not just you vs the screen.

Double Home Office(Source: Snugg)

6. The Bond Villain

Brace yourselves, this one is impressive. From the beautiful view to the perfect wood finishing this home office begs the question ‘does the owner even have to work at all?“. The desk itself gives off an impressive stature and the whole room radiates this feeling of warmth. If there’s one thing we can all take from this, it’s that you don’t always need to push your desk flat up against a wall; sometimes it’s nice to have a bit more perspective.

fireplace home office design(Source: Losing Horns)

7. Sleek & Simple

Something a little more achievable in the more common of spaces – this office looks both comfortable and functional. Putting the desk against the window is often a good idea as it helps to relieve an element of isolation that often comes with the home office environment. The spot lights at the bottom of the desk and drawers are a simple touch but are mighty effective.

Home office floor lights(Source: Luminns)

8. The Full Spread

What this lacks in character, it makes up in generous space. Whether you’re looking to brainstorm or lay out your financials for the year, this curved beauty can accommodate for your plans. Having workspace on either side of you would also make the working day more dynamic and physical which is great to keep those energy levels flowing. I’d be inclined to station a large mac screen on here and certainly make more of a feature out of the back wall.

large receptonist style desk

(Source: Luminns)

9. His & Hers

Another two person working environment great for the inspired, entrepreneurial couples out there. This setup has a neat, contemporary feel. A great use of light and a nice combination of homeliness and productivity.

contemporary home office(Source: Next Daily Deal)

10. The Organic Office Space

A very modern look with a striking desk design. The success of this room lies in between the well crafted colour scheme and the clever use of light. Th mirror does a great job of adding space to the room and the panel lights mixed with the spot lights seem to give a very natural effect.

organic elegant office space

(Source: Anon Feed)

What does your home office currently look like? Any plans for a refresh this year?


  1. Woah… nice pics there Joe!

    Don’t think I’ll have anything quite so ostentatious for quite a few years yet!

    I’m currently negotiating getting my old desk back from my parents house… classy eh 🙂


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