The decision to take a year out from your studies or to put your career on hold in order to go travelling is an exciting one – but it can also be expensive! In fact, a lot of students and young professionals cite prohibitive costs as the reason why they worry that a world trip might be out of their reach.

My first travels to the states gave me some friends and memories that will last a lifetime but it would never have happened if I hadn’t put in the hard work to saving to save enough for my flights, food and accommodation out there.

Worried that a year of travel is too expensive for your pocketbook? Stop worrying and start saving! Here are ten savvy tips that can help to make your travel dreams a reality faster than you ever dreamt possible

1. Set a Budget and Date!

It’s time to stop dreaming and start planning! Getting a date in the diary will motivate you to start saving and setting the budget early on will inform you of how much you will need to save each week/month to set off on your travels

The costs of different countries and regions can vary wildly, so consider spending the bulk of your time in more affordable parts of the world. Your precious pounds will stretch further in India than in Iceland! Here is a great guide for how much money you will need for your travels.

2. Get Frugal

So much of your money ends up in the trash in the form of wasted food. Only buy what you need, and try to use everything in your fridge before it goes to waste.

The freezer and the stockpot are your best friends! Buy a thermos or flask for your teaTea bags quite literally cost pennies but a cup of tea at a café can cost you pounds! Take your own hot drink with you in the morning and save heaps throughout the year.

3. Take on Freelance Work

Do you have a talent for proofreading, social media or digital design? Try PeoplePerHour or similar websites such as Upwork. Even if you just rake the leaves from neighbours’ yards – every penny counts!

4. Have a Wild Night….In!

Having a fun night in with your mates can be just as satisfying as a night out, and it will be infinitely cheaper. Try making exotic cocktails, having a sushi making party or watching some great films with craft beer.

5. Give Up Smoking

Smoking can cost up to almost £3500 a year if you are spending between £9-£10 a day on cigarettes. That is a saving of nearly £300 per month that you could instantly add to travelling funds.

If giving up smoking seems almost impossible to you, consider trying Smoko electronic cigarettes to help you in the process of giving up smoking. Other products that you could try include a Nicorette patch, vaporizer, tablets, lozenges, gum and even nasal spray. What are you waiting for?

6. Have a Car Boot Sale

Your closets and drawers are probably packed full of great articles that may not make you happy any longer but are still in good shape. Sell your gently used clothing, shoes and household goods at a car boot – or even on ebay, Gumtree or Craigslist.

7. Save Your Pennies

And your shrapnel! Set up a piggy bank and empty your pockets every night. You’ll be amazing how quickly your pocket change adds up.

8. Make Your Lunch Exciting!

Bringing a packed lunch can be monotonous and boring but oh so affordable! In order to keep your stomach and your wallet happy, ensure that your lunch is delicious and fun. Bring leftovers of yummy dinners, make interesting sandwiches and never stop experimenting!

9. Hit the Road

Cycling and walking are not just good for you, they are also good for your bank account. Bypass the car, busses, taxis and tube – you can save at least 50 pounds a month by getting around town this way.

10. Shop the Sales

Try having a look at websites and circulars to determine which grocery stores have your favourites on sale – you can save tons of money each month by buying in bulk (but just make sure you don’t waste any!).

These are just a few great ideas to help you on the way to a trip of a lifetime. Do you have any ideas to add? Have your say in the comment section below.


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