About Us

Budget Breakaway is an industry leading self-development website written by and for high-performance intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

We are focused on equipping those in the trenches of the working world with the information and inspiration needed to achieve their career and personal finance goals.

Our overall aim is to:

Create and distribute highly actionable, well researched content on the topics of career development, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

A little about the founder…

Joe ReadBudget Breakaway was founded by UK based Joe Read in September 2013 who originally launched Budget Breakaway as a personal finance site.

The goal was simple: to document the journey of a fresh graduate working their way up the career ladder, exploring entrepreneurship and mastering personal finance. In 12 months, the results of the experiment are as follows:


– 37.5% increase in salary

– 75% increase in total monthly income

– Diversified income streams

– Cleared debts accumulated from university

Budget Breakaway Today…

Budget Breakaway exists today as a growing hub of content for high-performance intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to gain insight and support on career development, finance, investing, productivity and more.