The appearance of your corporate premises can have a large effect on how well your business fares. This could surprise you… or perhaps it doesn’t. No matter how efficient your company’s staff are, their efforts could count for little if many of your potential customers are put off even entering the premises due to a tacky appearance. Here are some ways that you can spruce it up.

When rope access technicians are cleaning windows

The windows on your premises are likely to, collectively, take up much of the outside look; therefore, making sure that those windows are regularly cleaned effectively is crucial. However, ensuring this might not be straightforward if you have windows that are at a high height.

How can you arrange for those windows to be cleaned in such a way that preserves safety for the person doing the cleaning? Actually, you can arrange this by getting in touch with SAS Rope and Rail. This firm has IRATA-qualified rope access technicians who can use their expertise in rope access to physically reach those windows and clean them without risking their safety or others’.

Sign of the times… or the business premises

Many people could be easily deterred from entering your corporate site if it has a confusing layout. After all, they are probably already very short of time without having to try figuring out how to get around what basically looks like a maze. However, particularly if the layout is so complex that it cannot be simplified without a significant amount of manual work, you could help to keep bewilderment at bay once you have strategically placed signage in particular areas.

Signage can also have the advantage of extending your company’s branding colours beyond just its stationary and website – and, therefore, growing the reach of the brand’s power. You can even have that signage secured in especially high positions – such as on the exterior of one of a multi-storey building’s highest floors – with help from SAS Rope & Rail. These technicians can also remove the signage should you later want to replace it with new signage showing refreshed branding.

Don’t leave your reception looking like it has been ransacked

You also need to think about the interior look of your corporate buildings. The reception could be the first space that someone sees upon walking into one of those buildings; therefore, you really don’t want to leave files and paperwork scattered around it.

The Business Support Initiative points out that such untidiness could be especially off-putting if your company has the responsibility of assigning order to other people’s affairs. This would be the case if your company was in finance or accountancy, to reel off just two examples. If your reception appears to be in disarray, why should your company’s customers expect you and your staff to be able to prevent this kind of thing affecting them? Other problems you might be capable of addressing on the premises include peeling paint, left-over blue tack, and graffiti-covered furniture.


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