Searching for Side Hustles – Week 1 of 4


A new challenge in our Budget Breakaway is to try and make some extra money on the side. So as an experiment I’m going to share our side hustle income at the end of each week for 4 weeks. Our first week is off to quite a successful start so here’s what we did:

1. Selling our books

At this time of the year, university is in full swing again so it is the perfect time to try and sell our books to the new students. We thought the best and quickest way to sell the books was through a university ‘items for sale’ group on Facebook and we had a fair bit of success! We sold four of our books for a total of £115! We still have thirteen books left so we’ll try a little harder over the weekend and if we can’t shift any more the next aim is to take to Amazon!

2. Overtime

This isn’t the most creative of strategies but it’s certainly a quick and easy route to build some cash to help get out of my debt. I have managed to commit 6 hours of overtime this week which has added £63.36 to the extra income.

3. Coaching

On top of my full-time job I have the opportunity to spend some additional time as a parkour coach in the evenings. I spent 3 hours this week coaching which totalled an extra £18 to side hustle income.

This gives us a grand total of £196.36 for our first week of hustling! Next week I’m going to look into the potential work on ODesk/Fiverr and start to build a profile to gain some freelance writing/digital marketing jobs. I’m also going to be looking into some other weird and wonderful ways to make some quick cash throughout next week! Any other tips for starting to build a side hustle income?



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