Your office environment is a reflection of the culture of your brand. It effects the mood of your employees, clients and customers every single day. 

With the hustle & bustle of daily projects, our working environment is rarely at the top of our to-do list. Over time it is easy to let standards slip and eventually be left with a slightly uninspiring space.

To kick-start your motivation, here are 10 reasons why your business will benefit from a refurbishment…

1. Create Some Extra Space

Clutter and cramped space is bad for productivity, so at a minimum, stripping back and creating some extra space is bound to improve team performance in the long run.

If your company is growing, you may also be able to create space for extra team members. An office refurb is perfect if you want to make better use of your office space without building or finding completely new business premises.

2. Create a Brand-New Meeting Room

Your meeting rooms are generally where your clients spend the most time and also where your employees step away from their workspace be more creative. This needs to be both comfortable and stimulating at the same time.

If your office is currently lacking in this area, a well-planned refurbishment could create a unique space where your team can spend hours making decisions to support the growth of your company.

3. Improved Facilities, Improve Productivity

A fresh splash of paint can make the world of difference in your home and the same can be said about your office space. A new look can inspire your workforce and improve morale in the team as it shows that you value the hard-work they put in each day. Getting your workforce involved in the design the refurbishment is also a great morale booster.

4. Create the Best Impression for Your Customers & Clients

First impressions are very important. From the very moment your clients and customers enter your office, you want them to feel that they could enjoy doing business with your company. A professionally fitted office refurbishment can transform your space to make onlookers feel even more confident in your company’s capabilities.

5. Reorganising The Placement Of Your Team

Sometimes a company’s structure goes through a period of change, and when this happens your office may need to be reorganised too. An office refurb can help you to restructure the placement of your team to help them to be more efficient in future work. You can also consider building additional rooms or creating an open-plan office to meet your business’s new demands.

6. Staying Green and Environmentally Compliant

Use your office refurbishment as an opportunity to ensure your space is built using renewable sources and carbon-neutral materials. This is a will send a message to the general public, potential employees, current staff members and your clients that your business has a responsible attitude towards the environment and is capable of making efficient use of space and energy.

7. Meet Legal Requirements

The government is constantly changing its legislation that can result in fines for your company if your business premises don’t comply. The EPBD or European Union’s Energy Performance Buildings Directive was introduced in 2006 to encourage companies to decrease the impact their premises have on the environment. And from January 2009 it became law. Therefore, your refurbishment could prevent untimely costs and issues that may arise in the future.

8. Create Space for New Facilities

As your business expands, the variety of tasks that you carry out will expand too. This often means the need for new facilities such as a reception, staff room or cutting-edge presentation room. A quality refurbishment design brief will help ensure that these facilities will fit inside your existing premises – click here to find out more about the process of getting started.

9. Attract New Clients from Passing Trade

If you have a central location, a well-designed window and shop front display can stop potential clients and customers in their tracks and grab their attention. You can take what was once a dark and secluded wall and turn this into a full scale window which gives passers-by an insight into what you do.

10. Improve Health and Safety

After a number of years of use, offices begin to suffer from wear and tear, this can easily pose health and safety risks for you, your employees and visiting clients and customers. Simple things such as loose carpets can lead to dangerous accidents. Make use of a refurbishment to make your business premises a more comfortable, enjoyable and safer place to work.


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