We are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year and according to ebay, 28% of us Brits have had our Christmas presents wrapped up and hidden away since September!!

It’s not surprising really, as with the increasing convenience of online shopping, we now have our family’s Christmas list at the click of a button. This way, we can spread our purchases out and fill the Christmas stockings without our bank balances taking too much of a hit!

Long gone are the days of a running downstairs to find santa has left you a selection box and an orange in your stocking – on average we are now buying 48 gifts for our families and totalling an average household spend of £747.78!

It’s interesting to see that gadgets don’t actually top the priority list just yet, as across the UK, toys remain the number one priority buy for parents. Unsurprisingly, it appears that children are the first to be ticked off the gift list with parents spending on average £112.45 on each of them!

Spouses and partners are a close second with an average spend of £89.28 on gifts. Leaving poor Mums and Dads at the bottom of the list with an average spend of just £34 each!

To help you get organised, take a look at ebay’s new Christmas shop, they’ve made it super easy to browse gift ideas and grab yourself some bargains. Meaning you won’t need to welcome the New Year from your overdraft!



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