Time to Futureproof – Unleash the Smart Seasonal Shopper!


Christmas is the most expensive time of the year; presents, decorations and so much food! If this year has been a drain on your savings, why let next year be so tough on your wallet?

It’s time to arm up thrifters – let’s take on those January Sales!     

Make sure not to fall into the marketing trap but you will save yourself a great deal of hard earned cash if you invest in seasonal gifts straight after Christmas. The January sales are your opportunity to take advantage of some enormous bargains as thousands of stores drop their prices to the lowest point of the year!

Here’s what you should be stocking up on while they are super cheap:

  • Christmas Cards – This is an easy win, stores will basically give these away at this time of year
  • Wrapping Paper – That real shiny paper, the one you thought was way out of budget, it’ll be a third of the price in the sales!
  • Gift bags, Ribbon and Sticky Tape
  • Decorations – Tinsel, Baubles and Snowflakes. You might even find yourself a discount Christmas tree!
  • Christmas Lights –‘Deck the Halls’ at a discount!
  • Winter Clothes – Hats, coats and gloves will all start to drop in price too!

The Gift Drawer…

Clear out a large drawer in your house to fill with your discount gifts; you’ll be pleasantly surprised when December creeps up on you again! Providing you still have some cheery Christmas spirit left, you should be full of ideas of what you need for your next festive occasion. Carry this seasonal inspiration through to the New Year and find some presents for the relatives in the sales! Make sure to set aside a budget for your early gifts; get this out in cash and leave your card at home – no overspending!

Easy Auctions

Where do all the unwanted gifts without receipts go? You guessed it, Ebay! You wouldn’t believe the bargains you can get in auctions by the end of January. Keep your eyes peeled for new and unused gifts that’ll help you skip next year’s seasonal stress!

Have you ventured out into the January sales yet? Any bargains or just budget nightmares?


    • Thanks for stopping by David, happy new year!
      Clothes can be very expensive, I’m glad to have found some real bargains in the sales this year!


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