I’m not sure what hit me harder…


…the Beetle crashing into me at 40mph or swallowing a dose of pride and borrowing money.

Fi and I had just returned from a luxurious (but rather expensive) holiday in Tenerife, all was well and I was eager to begin the first day of my career in digital marketing. However, little did I know that before my first paycheck, I’d be standing in the rain next to a smoking, crumpled Clio – how to lose £1000 in five seconds.

Since then we’ve realised that if we want to finance our many travelling plans and purchase our first home we need to buck up our ideas and create a plan to stack up our savings!

First thoughts: Our Goals and Dreams:

In the short term our goals are about becoming financially secure and assuming a comfortable position to take on some risk. We also love to travel and look to go on some sort of adventure each year.

Short Term Goals – by June 2014 (8months) we would like:

  • To be Debt Free – Current debt stands at £3400 
  • An emergency fund – £3900 (3 months living costs each)
  • We are looking to go interrailing across Europe for two weeks next Summer – Estimated cost of £1500

So in total we have 8 months to save £5400 (£450per month) and eliminate £3400 worth of debt.

Longer Term Dreams – we would like…

  • …to own our own house!
  • …to create multiple streams of revenue and eventually become financially independent
  • …to travel the world and spend some time living in another country
  • …a range rover (and a puppy)!

These are just are initial ideas, but first let’s get debt free! Time to get this plan in motion…

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