How Would You Live Your Life If You Had the Money?

Many of us are slaving away our youth in return for the early retirement; hoping that we can put our feet up before we see the first sign of a grey hair. But what if you could have it all now? What if you had a powerful flow of income coming in month after month regardless of what you do with your time?

March Financial Update and April Goals

March saw me apply for my first credit card and we also set up a joint account to make the weekly grocery shopping a little easier to manage. On top of this my car was due a full service and a MOT which set me back £200 this month, we've now found a nice place to move into and are looking to put our deposit, agency fees and rent down on the property - April is proving mighty costly

The Rules of Work – A Book Review

The Rules of Work is exactly what it says on the tin; a list of rules that you can (and should) follow to become successful in the workplace. From managing your relationships to 'walking the walk', Richard takes you on an editorial tour of the workplace making you notice things about work that you never would have spotted before. If anything, reading The Rules of Work will certainly get you thinking about your day to day behavior at work

Combining Our Finances: The Joint Account

For the past eight months we have been in constant debt to one-another! Owing each other money for 'that food shop I did last week' or 'Those drinks I bought you last night' has had its toll on us so we have decided to take the plunge and open a Joint Account - very grown up!

Applying for My First Credit Card

The first credit card; another step in our journey to financial freedom. The process of applying has been very smooth and I'm excited to see the rewards pan out! Before applying I threw together a plan of action for what I wanted the credit card to achieve and when the best time would be for me to apply. Here's the story: