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Is there any betting sport that is more fun than horse racing? Betting on the horse with the worst odds and winning, betting on the jockey with the best silks just for the heck of it, winning or losing because of a photo finish: there is so much excitement that nobody should be surprised that the horse racing industry rakes in more than one hundred billion dollars each year.

Of course, nothing beats going to the event itself. In fact, it might be the only betting experience that can be described as a lifestyle. It’s civilised, elegant and exhilarating. But if you don’t have the time to go to the racetrack, betting at William Hill is definitely the second best thing.

Horse racing is the oldest sport of them all, going as far back as the nomadic tribes of prehistory. But it is also the oldest and most venerable tradition at William Hill. So it is no wonder that we offer an enormous selection of markets in the UK and all over the globe: United States, Australia, South Africa… You can bet your way across the world like a virtual tourist. Whether you are a first-time visitor fascinated with the noble animals, or an experienced better looking for all the bells and whistles that a professional betting site should have, William Hill has it all.

The horse race betting odds at williamhill.com have a special feature: Best Odds Guaranteed. This offer, available on UK and Irish horse races, is a great insurance for your bets. It can happen that you place a bet and take the price which is available at the time, but the Starting Price gets better later. Such experiences can be exasperating. But if that happens at William Hill, we will settle your bet at the better price. No more disappointments!

We have made it very simple for you to follow your favourite competitors. Our alphabetical lists of horses and jockeys/trainers let you check their next races at a glance. Racing Post spotlights provide the latest professional news and results for each competitor, but also compelling verdicts for each race, helping you make an informed decision. Even the most elementary bits of data, such as the result of the last race, can make a huge difference.

Special markets provide quite specific betting options ñ for example, the “Number of Irish trained winners at Cheltenham Festival 2017” in which some users might find arcane, while the true racing connoisseurs will be delighted.

If even the hectic schedule of horse racing is not enough for you, or if you prefer the simpler experience of simulations where you don’t have to worry about the health and fitness of animals or their riders, virtual racing offers plenty of thrills.

There is a good reason horse racing is called the sport of kings. It is one of the best indicators of the state of national economies. As the world comes out of recession, what better way to celebrate the newfound prosperity but to try your luck at William Hill?


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