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business premises decor

The appearance of your corporate premises can have a large effect on how well your business fares. This could surprise you… or perhaps it doesn’t. No matter how efficient your company’s staff are, their efforts could count for little if many of your potential customers are put off even entering the premises due to a tacky appearance. Here are some ways that you can spruce it up.

When rope access technicians are cleaning windows

The windows on your premises are likely to, collectively, take up much of the outside look; therefore, making sure that those windows are regularly cleaned effectively is crucial. However, ensuring this might not be straightforward if you have windows that are at a high height.

How can you arrange for those windows to be cleaned in such a way that preserves safety for the person doing the cleaning? Actually, you can arrange this by getting in touch with SAS Rope and Rail. This firm has IRATA-qualified rope access technicians who can use their expertise in rope access to physically reach those windows and clean them without risking their safety or others’.

Sign of the times… or the business premises

Many people could be easily deterred from entering your corporate site if it has a confusing layout. After all, they are probably already very short of time without having to try figuring out how to get around what basically looks like a maze. However, particularly if the layout is so complex that it cannot be simplified without a significant amount of manual work, you could help to keep bewilderment at bay once you have strategically placed signage in particular areas.

Signage can also have the advantage of extending your company’s branding colours beyond just its stationary and website – and, therefore, growing the reach of the brand’s power. You can even have that signage secured in especially high positions – such as on the exterior of one of a multi-storey building’s highest floors – with help from SAS Rope & Rail. These technicians can also remove the signage should you later want to replace it with new signage showing refreshed branding.

Don’t leave your reception looking like it has been ransacked

You also need to think about the interior look of your corporate buildings. The reception could be the first space that someone sees upon walking into one of those buildings; therefore, you really don’t want to leave files and paperwork scattered around it.

The Business Support Initiative points out that such untidiness could be especially off-putting if your company has the responsibility of assigning order to other people’s affairs. This would be the case if your company was in finance or accountancy, to reel off just two examples. If your reception appears to be in disarray, why should your company’s customers expect you and your staff to be able to prevent this kind of thing affecting them? Other problems you might be capable of addressing on the premises include peeling paint, left-over blue tack, and graffiti-covered furniture.

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With successful female role models such as Arianna Huffington and Karen Brady its no wonder that so many UK mums want to follow in their footsteps. However a recent survey carried out found that there are three top challenges that UK mumpreneurs believe are stopping them from pursuing their business dreams.

The top three reasons that UK mums gave for not starting a business were;

1. It seemed like too big of a risk

This is a completely natural fear of starting your own business felt by anyone giving up the security of their day job and going solo. For mumpreneurs the risk can often seem that bit greater as there is the financial security of your family to take into consideration.  As long as you’ve done the legwork beforehand and are well informed about the steps you need to take to help your business take off, then the benefits in the long run should far out weigh the risks.

2. Not knowing how to get started

Knowledge is power. Before you jump into starting a business of your own make sure you understand the steps you’ll need to take to get started and what you’ll need to do to be successful. There is a lot of usful information available online such as this simple 6 step plan to getting started with your business from the Entrepreneur. The government website also has a lot of useful information with regards to registering your business.

3. The admin and financial aspects involved

The survey found that 22% of UK mums who own a business said that one of the main challenges they faced when starting out was finding a bank who’d support them financially. Many found that the flexibility of the financial service provider was not enough and as a result 38% commented that they had found the process of setting up a business bank account long and slow. Not ideal for a busy mum with a business to run!

This week I found out about APS financial who are able to offer small businesses the opportunity to get their current accounts set up within less than 10 minutes of starting the application! Brilliant news for mumpreneurs across the UK who will be able to get trading faster. So far they have helped almost 80,000 start-up businesses of which nearly a quarter were female entrepreneurs. APS financial also provide businesses access to finance through a range of credit products and overdrafts, lending up to £2,000, which can help fund the cost of starting up a business.

APS finance said;

“We should be empowering all small businesses, but especially mothers working to set up a business to thrive in our economy by offering fast, easy ways to open up bank accounts and manage cashflow, not throwing up barriers. It is worrying to think that it is fears about admin and financial hassle that stops entrepreneurial mothers going it alone and our experience shows that grassroots entrepreneurs don’t need traditional banks to ‘bank’.”

This is really positive news for mumprenures across the UK, APS financial helping to reduce the financial worries of setting up a business will allow small businesses to put their energy into getting started!

Are you a mum in the UK looking to set up a first time business? Will this financial reassurance encourage you to take the first step?

Business benefits of coffee

Whether you line up at Starbucks or you spend your mornings whacking the coffee machine in your kitchen because you refuse to buy a new one, coffee is part of many people’s lives. For some, it’s viewed as a crutch, and for others it’s a legal addiction. Either way, it’s not a bad thing, not at all.

Coffee offers a huge number of health benefits, along with a boost in your productivity. Join me as we look at all the ways it can help you and your business before diving into an infographic that further showcases the benefits of this wonderful brew.

The Hidden Power of Coffee (Infographic)

Once you’ve settled into a career, it’s time to start taking steps toward success. While it may seem like something small, coffee is a great start on that path. We all know it’s ability to wake us up, but it goes far beyond that.

Everyone drinks coffee, or at least, 64% of U.S adults over the age of 18 drink it. Here are some of the big reasons why drinking this brew cold, or hot, is a great idea:

  • You’ll live longer according to studies.
  • It helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • It boots your attention span and your concentration
  • It lowers the risk of several types of cancer.
  • Coffee before an exercise helps you recover better

No matter how you slice it, a cup of joe is a good thing. Check out the infographic from On Blast Blog below for a deeper look into the magic of this delicious drink.


Last year, 500,000 business were set up in the UK. Needless to say, there’s a market for offering products and services to new businesses.

If you’re confident in your accounting and finance knowledge there may be an opportunity for you to capitalise on this market in the form of book keeping.

The following infographic from the IAB, shows off some of the perks of being a book keeper. The flexible working hours are certainly attractive!

Benefits of bookkeeping



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Editor's Note: Pop up shops are a fresh topic in my mind right now with a close family member getting involved in retail. The following post has been contributed by Colourgraphics...


Pop up shops are, quite literally, popping up everywhere. No one can deny their popularity, nor question their trendiness. With everyone seemingly in on the slice of pop up shop action, from pop stars to established, high street brands, does it still leave a slice of the market for you?

Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. Harnessing the on trend pop up shop is something we can all do. It is not a reserved domain, only for the likes of large business but, any business, from start up to global corporation, can take a managed risk when it comes to these temporary selling spaces; with some shrewd investment in roller banners and some other material you can pop up anywhere you like.

But, just because it is temporary, it’s very pedigree and trendiness lying in the ‘only here for a short while’ marketing ploy, is not a by-phrase for ‘fly by night’. The pop up shop is far classier than this, far deeper reaching into the psyche of the consumer which is why everyone is a pop up shop fan (and we mean everyone!)

And so, with the stage set and your business ready, surely all you do is turn up every day in your pop up shop for the next 3 months, and watch the people pour in…?

No, not quite. It takes a bit more effort than that for us consumers are a suspicious lot. If it looks and feels too temporary, too non-sticky, too ‘never to be seen again, because I’m doing a runner tonight’, then people will stay away.

You still need to make an effort. You still need to market yourself using a variety of media to tell people who you are, what you do and why buying from you is a great thing to do…

Fortunately, there are 6 fabulous marketing weapons perfect for any pop up shop:

1. The Poster

Don’t groan, for the poster is enjoying a fabulous come back. With the ‘Keep Calm’ series still popular – and who have thought that when the original, dusty posters were found in a cupboard all those years ago? – many businesses are realising that the poster is still a great marketing weapon.

But, before you start designing yours, bear some basic design principles in mind:

  • With posters, less is more – overcrowding a poster is an opportunity wasted. The eye needs somewhere to focus and rest, so think carefully about employing a graphic designer is you are serious about posters spearheading your marketing campaign on the high street.
  • Choose 2 main colours, and a third accent colour – but, don’t forget that this needs to link with your brand, image and appeal. If you are a pop up shop selling bakery equipment, then you posters need to give passers by a visual clue
  • Think carefully about HOW you plan on using the posters – less is more also applied to the information contained on the poster, which is why we suggest using posters in line with marketing weapon number 2…

2. The Flyer

This is the printer vehicle that can instantly offer more information to your potential consumer in a fun, colourful, yet appropriate way. Using the poster as the main point of reference, make sure you impart the information you want your customer to have in a way that can be assessed. Just because you are giving people more information does not mean that you have to write an essay…

… and don’t forget with all printed media, to add your online presence too – the Facebook icon, the twitter bluebird and your website, along with any other social media platform you use!

3. The A Board

There is something about pop up shop that excites the soul and for many consumers, it is the thought of getting a bargain that will not be available at another time. If a consumer knows they can trust you, they will buy from you.

You can have A boards designed with text and graphics, with a blank space so that you can write up today’s offer, or other ‘come and get it today/this week’ type of message. Again, if they cannot buy from you right now, how else can they get hold of you? – all fabulous information to contain on you’re A board.

4. Pop-up/Roller Banners in Store

The pop up shop or space itself needs some attention; plain walls are exactly that, plain and a missed marketing opportunity. As it has been noted, consumers are a suspicious lot, if you don’t look and feel right, you may as well pack up and cry in to your pillow.

However, marketing weapon no. 4 is just perfect for imparting the important information that makes people feel safe. Pop up banners can contain the stuff that you don’t want to put all over your flyers – who you are, your registered address if you are a company, your mission, your values and all that other stuff that makes us feel wholesome and professional. Get them designed right, and they can be used from pop up shop venue to another pop up shop venue. Versatility in marketing material is important.

5. Fabric Displays

You may be surprised at marketing weapon no. 5 but used correctly, and they can really set a great tone for your space. Many retailers and new businesses are taking on short term, shop leases. Perfect solutions for everyone; the town council have one less empty shop, and you are not tied into a long lease.

But, you need to dress the shop or it’ll look vacant, with a mannequin or two for company. These fabric displays are printed with any design you want. But, you can opt for some great graphics that provide an interesting, yet neutral backdrops for your products. They are no fixed, so they move when you do. Relatively inexpensive, they are perfect for any pop up shop or space.

6. Floor Graphics

And finally, depending on how long you intend being a pop up shop (after all, when does a pop up stop being a pop up…?) these floor graphics we think are the unsung hero of offline marketing.

Stuck to the floor, and printed with anything you want – graphics or text, or both – they can really create a buzz about the place.

So, with these six fabulous marketing weapons at your disposal, your pop up shop will really POP!


business premises decor

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The appearance of your corporate premises can have a large effect on how well your business fares. This could surprise you... or perhaps it...